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Sunday, 1 February 2009


This is what I'm waiting for. It's the winter festival here in Quebec. We been there yesterday but I was very disappointed. I been there in the morning because we have to go to Stoneham for the skiing. I was very tranquille in the morning that's why I didn't enjoy. And the worst is the international ice sculpture compitition will start in the afternoon. So we were not able to take pictures and that's all I want there.

Well, though I was disappointed but I still enjoy at the same time because we did snow rafting and snow sliding. We also watched the dog show, the first dog show in the snow in all over Canada. But for sure, we will go back there in the festival this friday but this time, it will be in the night because I want to take picture of the ice castle with all the lights. I will for sure post here the photo of the festival next week.

Here are some of the photos that we took yesterday.

One of the ice slide for kids

That's me of course hehehe

In the site of Place Desjardins


First dog show in the snow in Canada

Kids Play ground

the making of ice sculpture
That's me in front...snow rafting