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Friday, 27 February 2009


Time fly too fast. I thought that I just married last year but it’s not. Few more days to go and we will celebrate our 6th year wedding anniversary. But with this 6 years of my married life, I never had a regret in fact, I’m so thankful because I have a good, understanding, loving, faithful, loyal and very supporting husband. I’m so happy with my life with him and being a wife makes me more matured. I love my life now and so happy and I hope that I still have the same happiness until the end of our life.

Hubby does everything to make me happy. He always gives me the things that he thinks it makes me happy. He knows what I want and even if there is no occasion, he always gives me a gift. In return, I use to give him something that he likes but only if there is occasion. I can’t afford to give him all the things he wants always. Last valentine’s day, I gave him a gift certificate for massage and a leather globes. He was so happy with the certificate because it’s been long that he wants to have a real body massage. And now, I am thinking of what to give to him on our wedding anniversary. He already has all the accessories of his camera and in his computer. I know he still have lots of things he will need in his workshop. I was thinking of buying him some tools last Christmas but the workshop is all upside down. So I decided not to buy any. But just recently, he did a big cleaning in his workshop and he told me that he needs to buy some router bits. So I guess this will be a good gift for him since the workshop is already clean. I already check the metal drill bits and composite milling in the internet and I found a very good price and good quality. I’m sure hubby will be happy with my gifts.



Anonymous,  21 November 2009 at 06:37  

...please where can I buy a unicorn?