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Thursday, 26 February 2009


I know it's been long that I didn't update all my blogs. It's not because I didn't care of it but it's because I'm sick. It's already more than a week now that I suffering from colds and cough. At first, I didn't mind it. I still go for work and didn't take any pills for colds and cough. 3 days ago, it's getting worst especially on that time that I worked in the storage to check all the products for our inventory. It was boldy cold there and I don't have good cloth for that. I didn't know that it was that cold there. Yesterday, I started my work at 7 in the morning and I went hope at 9 in the morning. I lost my voice and I feel dizzy. I had a regret why I didn't go to the hospital the night before. Hubby kepts on telling me to go to the hospital but I said no. I just want to rest and I thought I will be okey in the next day. I told my manager on what i feel and she told me to go home and rest. I called my hubby to pick me up because I'm afraid to drive back home because I felt dizzy. He was in the mall the other mall and I called many times on his cellfone but there was no answer. So I have no choice, I just drive slowly back home and I rest. When he hears his fone beeping for the message, he found out that there was many misscall from me and from our landline fone. He call me back and I was already home so he came back home quickly as he can and he bring me to the hospital right away. The doctor found out that I have a severe colds and cough and severe Laryngitis. She recommend me to take a week of rest and syrup for my cough and a pill to bring back my voice. And the worst thing is, the syrup for my cough can make me sleep and the pills for my laryngitis can make me awake and give more appetite. I have to take them together. Can you imagine taking syrup that make you sleep and pills that makes you awake? I really can't imagine. Last night was the horrible night I ever had. I feel sleepy but I can't sleep. And the result is, I felt dizzy every time I move and I feel to vomite. I feel pity to hubby because he was not able to sleep also because of me. What I did is, I didn't follow the instruction of the doctor. I took the pills this morning and I will take the syrup tonight. I think this is the best for me he he he. I will be the doctor of myself.

Just now, I just stayed home and I feel bad that I don't have salary for a week. I will try to go back to work monday next week. I think I will be okey on that day.

This is my update for now...I will just give you some update later.