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Friday, 6 February 2009


When I took my French course 4 years ago, majority of my classmates were Latin. They come from different countries that speak Spanish. At first I felt annoyed because they always spoke Spanish and I can’t talk with them because I don’t understand what were they talking about. But as time goes on, I started to understand their language because they had patience in teaching me and with other student that don’t speak Spanish. I was learning two languages at the same time, French and Spanish. I made good friends with 3 couples and even after the course, we still have good communication. We used to go out together or visit here in our house and have dinner together. On that time, I practice my Spanish with them and they practice their French with my hubby. But now, I can’t take to them often because one move to Calgary and the other couple move to Granby and the other one stayed here but I lost communication with the one that stayed here. The other 2 couples we still have communication but only emails because they both busy with their work. They work very hard because they both house and they need to have more income to pay their mortgage. It’s really hard to contact them because we don’t have the same available time. One time we talked in the phone and I told them how I missed them and how I miss talking Spanish. They introduce me to Latina chat so that I can practice my Spanish. I tried it and they are right. I found few good friends online and they are so nice to teach me Spanish and talk with me in their language. Now I started to talk Spanish with them too.