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Thursday, 5 February 2009


Yes! I've got my first salary today. I didn't know when will be the salary but when I check my account a while ago, I found out that I have a deposit then I check it right away and it was from my 3 days of work. I started wednesday last week and I got my 3 days salary today. I'm so happy because I money now to buy the valentines gift for my hubby. I don't think this job is for long term because just now, they are having inventory and I'm one of them doing it. We are doing the inventory then after they will do a sticker for the new price and we have to put the price as soon as the sticker is ready. The store is so big and we are not yet done in the men's section. I guess I will have few more weeks or months to go. And it's very good for me because I will be leaving to Philippines this June so I don't need to resign and in this way, I can get unemployment if they will lay me off because I'm working fulltime so I guess I will have enough hours for unemployment. And in this way, I can buy lots of gifts for my family:-)