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Sunday, 6 January 2008


As usual, we woke up too late this morning. We attended the 10:30 am mass in Ste Bernadette Church next to our home. We were in a hurry because we woke up 10:00 am and we don’t have time to prepare ourselves. After the church, we prefer to drive home straight from the church. We took our brunch at home. It’s so foggy that is why we don’t feel to drive around. We stayed in the computer room and do some computer works. I did a DVD slideshow of all my photo in 2007. Unfortunately, I was not able to finish it but I did half of it. Hubby wants to go to the mall for a coffee. Hahahaha never that it happen that we stayed home in the whole day. We always go out even in the big snow storm. The road is so dangerous because it’s so foggy.

Photos attached here were taken this afternoon when we drove to the mall.

this is the road going to the mall....only 5 mins drive from home

this is the ski station for the kids at the back of our house

the slides besides the ski station at the back of our house


Norm 7 January 2008 at 12:15  

naks! same here aside sa snow may fogs din...sabagay enjoy ako kasi first experience ko pa kasi iwan ko next year...thanks sa vote ha