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Sunday, 20 January 2008


I was looking in all my pictures in my laptop. Believed it or not, from Jan 2007 up to now, I have 10,598 photos plus the all the pictures that I took from 2005 up to Dec 2006. I’ve got my first digital camera last March 2005 hubby gives it as my birthday gift. I don’t have my laptop yet on that time because hubby gives me my laptop in Christmas 2005. With my first digital camera, I took a lot of pictures and I put it in his computer. Some are not good so I deleted it and hubby gives me some hints on how to have a good shot. He’s a professional photographer but his not working as a photographer. He’s a designer in profession. He won a lot of photo contest international. Just now, he’s my teacher in taking pictures hehehehe. Since I got this laptop, I’ve got three times of the photo that I had before. He was very surprise when he saw how many photo I have in my laptop. I took more photos than him. I just remember that I lost 4 files of photo because I delete it accidentally and I was not able to restore it. So I have more than I thought hehehhe. But now, I’m not worry anymore because made a back up of all my files every month.