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Thursday, 3 January 2008


We are now in the winter season. Winter here in Quebec, Canada is very cold especially in the month of January and February. Though it’s cold, I still love winter. Because it’s too cold, the heater is always working and that’s my problem. I can hardly breathe if the heater is working. So my husband bought me a humidifier before and too bad, I broke it last year. So we have to buy another one especially now that the temperature is started to go down. We’ve search in the internet and we found this site that answers our problem. Wize is an online store where you can find home and office appliances. And not only that, you can also find in their online store health and beauty products and garden accessories.

We are very happy that we found their site because they have lots of choices of humidifier in an affordable price and different well known brand. They have all sizes of humidifier from 0.16 gallon to 11 gallons. Isn’t this amazing? Hubby orders it right away.

To those of you who are looking for a good and affordable humidifier, visit to see all their products especially humidifier.