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Saturday, 5 January 2008


There is nothing special today. We woke up 10:00 in the morning. Today is the last week of our vacation. Hubby will start working this Monday and I will start my French course Tuesday. We have to rest as much as we can because we know that next week will be a tough week for us. We have to adjust ourselves. We been off for 2 weeks and we are sure that it will be hard to go back to our normal routine hehhehe. But we have no choice he needs to go back to his office and I need to go back to the school.

As I said, we woke up late this morning and as usual, we had brunch at the resto. We visited some friends and went home and rest again. In fact, we’re not really resting. We spend our time in the computer room. His doing some works in all his photo in his computer and I’m chatting with my friends. It’s been long that we didn’t have conference and this afternoon, we did it. We had lots of fun during our confe. I miss all of them. They helped me a lot when I was alone here in the house last year. We started the confe at 2:00 in the afternoon and finished at 4:00 in the afternoon. Then I cooked chicken for our dinner. And now we’re back in our computer room again hehehe.

Though we didn’t go out, I mean drive around and take some picture as what we used to do but still we enjoy our day. And I hope you enjoy your day too!