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Thursday, 17 January 2008


Hey guy! I’m sorry I was not able to update this blog. As I said before, I’m already in level 5 of my French course. And because of that, my professor transfers me to the other class. Everything changes from professor to my classmates. I’m not use to this new professor though he’s so nice and teach very well. In my previous class, I had a flexible schedule. I can arrived late and leave soon because I live from our home. And my previous professor understands me and he didn’t marked absent or cutting hour. And now, I still have to discuss this matter to my new professor. I’m sure he will understand give a credit to me. I didn’t ask him yet but I will next week.

As soon as I arrive home, I’m already tired that I don’t feel to visit my blog. I need to rest and prepare our supper.

Oh! It’s time to cook now hehehe. I wish you all a good day!