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Wednesday, 29 October 2008


At last it's snowing! Some places here in Quebec already have lots of snow 2 weeks ago. But here in our place, we had a little snow this morning. I don't think this will stay long. The weather is not that cold yet. Very soon, we will have lots of snow :-) I really love snow though it's pretty cold but you will just wear the proper cloths and everything will be okey and you will enjoy the whole winter.
I took a picture in our patio will a little snow. This is the first snow we have this year.
That's all for now guys. I'm going back to my work. We're not yet done in our living room. We have to work this and finish soon because I can't work in the wednesday anymore because I will start another french class next week but this time it's only wednesday. This is still free but the class is one on one. There are only 8 students for now and each one of us have one professor. This time, I will be studying more in writing and communication. This will help me improve my communication skill.