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Tuesday, 7 October 2008


Last week hubby recieved emails from one of my costumer that she wants to have 8 dozens of lumpiang shanghai. Wow!!! Another income for me :-) I just finished 10 days ago doing the 70 dozen order and now 8 more hehehehe. I did 14 dozens this morning so I can deliver the 8 dozens tomorrow and I have 6 dozens spare. I know this will be gone very quickly or maybe more dozens this week :-)

We been to the hospital this morning for the blood test. We will know the result next week because we have an appointment with our family doctor. I just hope that everything will be okey with the result especially hubby's blood test result. I will cross my finger for that :-)


Lily 12 October 2008 at 02:50  

Wow! that was a very good business my friend, my co-baggers and some of the cashiers like to request a lumpia from me every potluck we had. maybe someday I would do that too. hopefully it will click.

Take care all the time.
God bless.