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Tuesday, 21 October 2008


You won’t believe me if I will tell you that at this hour (4:11p.m.) I’m still in my pajama. I woke up not late this morning because I want to serve the breakfast in bed for my hubby. Then after the breakfast, we continue our work here in the house and this time, we’re working with the papers here in the computer room. We throw a lot of papers and the recycle container is already full. We will just put it in the next batch. We’re not finish yet. We still have some more things to do in the living room’s closet. I’m working with my pajama hehehe. I don’t feel to change because I’m comfortable working with my pajama. We didn’t go out because it’s raining and very dark and so windy. Opps! Honey went to his office for a meeting and I just stayed home and watch TV. After this I will take a shower because we will have our souper at my brother-in-law’s place.
Oh by the way, I just want to share to you what happen to my Halloween decors outside. I didn’t know that the wind is so strong because I’m in the house and I didn’t go out. When I check outside, one bag of leaves put under the tree flew to the street. I put my jacket right away because I want to take it back under the tree. It only took me a few second to go out. When looked back in the tree, all the bags were in the street already. Oh my! I just realize that the wind is so strong until now. I guess, snow will follow very soon.



Lily 22 October 2008 at 06:10  

Hi Carolyn,

Agi agi nimo dinhe naa na gyud time mo bloghop. kumusta kana dinha. Oo nga hapit na gyud halloween. ako anak excited na for the occasion. o sige ari nako ni laag lang dinhe.

Take care and wish you lovely week.