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Tuesday, 28 October 2008


The messy job in the house is almost done. The sanding in the wall and in the ceiling were already done. The floor was done too. I already vacuum the floor but there are still some dust in the furniture and in the kitchen. I will do it tomorrow and the next step will be the varnish in the floor and painting all over the living room. I guess we will finish before December...maybe in two weeks. I'm so excited now.

That's all for now and have a nice evening to all!



ronin 29 October 2008 at 06:00  

hi gags!thank u sa comment! agoy! pagka tug naw nalang jud dire.maoy sulti sa akong bana nga ang taga laing lugar mo ari dire kong winter.mura kog nag puyo sulod sa reg gags!nag heater ko gabii kay di makaya,38 degreemsulti sa akong bana dile pa daw ni mao..

maau ka kay hapit naka mahuman sa imong demolition,ako wa pa jud ko mahuman sa akong pamintal! gi gakoy nako,break sa..hehehe

asa man ka mo bakasyon pag winter?