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Monday, 6 October 2008


Tomorrow will be our regular doctor's visit. 4 times a year we visit our family doctor for the regular check up. It's better like this so that we can monitor our health and if ever there is a problem, the doctor can do something for it. So far, my health is good. All my test are okey. I'm so happy about it because I'm so afraid of diabetes and kidney failure as what my parents have. I'm hoping that our blood test result will be okey and no problem.


NovaS 7 October 2008 at 12:17  

that's wonderful dear, if only we can afford to pay for our doctors for now wala pa jud saon kay wala pa jud gihikay sa akong bana ang insurance for health nko intawon.. pait...

like you, i'm very scared jud sa diabetes pastilan akong inahan intawon kay bloodline, i do hope nga ma-maintain nko ang balance nga sugar sa akong lawas, na pait kayo day ug duna kay sakit oi...

salamat sa imong pagbisita ha..

unsa may inyong gikabusihan diay?