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Monday, 20 October 2008


My first day of the week starts with a bright and sunny morning. I woke up with the sunlight in my face. Hubby opens the curtain in our room to have a light when he brought my breakfast in the bed. It’s been long that I didn’t have my breakfast in bed. After we installed the roof in the patio last summer, we always have our breakfast in the patio. We even minimize in going to the restaurant for breakfast because we want to enjoy our patio in the summer. We took out the roof I think two weeks ago for the winter. Since then, we also go out for brunch. But this morning hubby surprised me with a breakfast in the bed. I was so happy because I really miss it. We used to have breakfast in bed every Saturday before and it stopped in summer.
We spent our day outside. We been somewhere and we arrived home almost 4:00 in the afternoon. We didn’t do much work in the house today. I’m not so happy about it because hubby’s boss called him and told him that he will work anytime this month. We didn’t start demolishing the wall yet. Oh my! I’m really looking forward to put my Christmas decor soon. I’m just waiting to finish the work in the living room. I hope we will finish middle of November.
That’s all for now and I will go back working my pictures. This is also one of my problem now. I’m getting lost with all my pictures. I don’t know how to file them. Any tips?