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Friday, 17 October 2008


We all know that winter is fast approaching. That means we have to start preparing everything for the winter like winter tires, snow pale, snow blower, winter stuff for the car and of course winter clothes and shoes. We already finished preparing outside the house like the water hose is already empty, the fence were already in the shed, the grass is already ready for the winter and so with my plants. We are still using the summer tire. We will put the winter tires first week of December.
This afternoon, we went for my boots. Hubby bought me a new pair of boots which is good up to -40 C/-40 F because this year, we will do a lot of winter activity. In this way, my feet will not be freeze. This boots is quite expensive because we bought it at this time of the year which is not on sale. Good thing that I bought my winter jacket last spring with 60% discount because it’s already at the end of the season. I guess I did a good purchase in my jacket because this afternoon, we had a look of the same jacket and it cost a fortune hehehe.
Well, I’m already ready for the winter and much looking forward for it. Winter here is cold but there are much activity going on that you will enjoy.