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Thursday, 30 October 2008


I just talk to my friend a while ago. She has big problem just now. She was laid off 2 days ago and she still has lots of debt from here credit cards and her car is not yet fully paid. She was panic and she doesn’t know where to get money to pay her monthly bill for her credit cards and car. She tried to borrowed money from me but I don’t have it just now. I’m not working and I’m supporting my mom in Philippines. I really want to help my friend. I tried to check in the internet if I can find something that will help her. Luckily I found debt consolidation and I guess this will help her a lot. I know that this is the answer of her problem because they will help her reduce her balances up to 50% with one easy low monthly payment.
I told her about this right away and she was very happy and excited to have her debt loans soon.