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Tuesday, 3 April 2007


Sis Nita just tag me to write something that i like in the country where i am now. Like sis nitz, living here in Canada is a dream come true to me. In my childhood years, I have two dream country to visit. One is Canada and next is Germany. Why? because i used to read story books. I remember, i loved books with pictures on it, like little stone house in the middle of the field and with lots of snow. Canada and Germany is the only place i know before that have lots of snow. It's so funny because my young mind only fucos Canada and Germany and i dont want to know more about any other country hehehehe.

Now, it's really a dream come true to me to be here in Canada. There are lots of things that i love in this place. It's not only the snow that i love, there are lots of benefits also that i can't get from my native country Philippines. The main thing that i like about Canada is we have a very good medical insurance that i can't get in Philippines. Medical here are free and we have two pension plan from the government. I love here in Quebec because it's peaceful and i feel very safe.

It doesn't mean that i don't like Philippines anymore. Of course, Philippines is still my native land and i'm proud to be a PILIPINO. I always advertise Philippines to the Quebecoises.



Anonymous,  4 April 2007 at 11:37  

hello carolyn ,
got to see your new website and once again ,welcome to blogosphere!

best egards!