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Thursday, 26 April 2007


The sunrise woke up us this morning. The day was so nice and we decided to work outside. We spent all our time working in the front yard of the house. My husband started to work in the flower box under the window. It's a big work. 2 years ago, we took out the grass and plan to put a new one last year but sad to say that we didn’t do it because we were in Seattle, Washington. So we leave it the way it is (without grass hehehe). But this year, we will work everything in the front yard.

I'm so excited now to have a new look of our yard :-). The flowers are all ready to put in its place but the box is not yet ready. I can imagine how beautiful my flowers are hehehhehe.

After supper, we went out and treat ourselves with a good coffee. So relax after the long day.