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Friday, 20 April 2007


Hi guys! I’m back!hehehhehe I was so busy the last few days that’s why I was not able to update my blogsite. We visited lots of places here in Quebec. Hubby missed so much the nature here. He’s been away for a year and now he is enjoying roaming around and I love it too…

The weather here is so nice and it’s getting warmer. I’m so happy because I’m wearing light cloths and just a running snow. NO BIG COATS, NO BOOTS!!!! Cool, isn’t it? Hehhehe

We are looking forward for the summer. We are so excited for our trips this summer. I’m sure we will enjoy it.


juLai 26 April 2007 at 15:13  

Hi Ate Gags..musta na ate?thanks for visiting my blog..lagi ate oiii mag exercise na ta pra maka suot na ug sexy..ahehhe..maayo man ka dha kay sexy naman ka daan..gkan ko nag walking ron ate..di nako sa jogging kay mnakit ahong bagtak..sakit na ilihok..maayo ang walking kay way pamaol nag human..ahhehe
ingatz always ate..mizz u..