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Tuesday, 3 April 2007


Believe it or not, we had snow yesterday and today. It’s not a heavy snow. But still it’s snowing. First time it happens that it’s snowing in April. The snow came late this year. It used to have lots of snow here in Quebec but this winter, the snow started in January. Well it started end of November but it didn’t stay long in the ground. It melted so fast. First time it happens here that we had green Christmas and just a little snow in New Year. The temperature was not that cold.

Last week, 80% of the snow was melting. We can see the grass in the ground. The temperature went up to 12 -14 degree Celsius and it so sunny. We were wearing light cloths and running shoes. And now, bang!!!!! Snow are falling!!!! Wow! It’s winter again. Hahahahahhaha but it’s okey for me. I love playing in the snow. It’s better than in the rain.

Here are some photos that I took yesterday at the back of our house.