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Thursday, 16 January 2014


Tonight is the second night that I'm using my trade mill for this year 2014. I'm really serious in losing weight. I been so rude with health during the holiday season, eat a lot of carbs and sugar. I been telling myself that it's a holiday season and I can eat whatever I want and burn all the fats after the holiday. But we're already in the middle of January and I just did my exercise last night. My goal is to loss 3 lbs before March and then I will try to loss another 5 lbs before summer. I admit that I don't have discipline  in my eating. Now, I really really need have a good diet and exercise more.

I did 2.53 miles tonight and burnt 192 calories. This is not much but it's good for a start. I promise to myself to continue this and give a reward after I reach my goal.