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Thursday, 2 January 2014


(St-Laurent River Levis, Quebec )

Weather temperature this morning was -31 degree celsius and I'm telling you that it was very very cold. We are very lucky that we have a covered garage where we park our car or else, we will have a hard time to start the engine. I need to go to the asian store to buy some spring roll wrapper so we have to go out in the very cold weather. We planned to take the ferry to save time but when we arrived at the ferry, the crew told us that we might wait 30 or 1 hour or maybe more because the ferry from Quebec City side had a hard time to dock. They're already 30 mins late and still they don't know what time they can dock so we turn around and just take the highway.

The photo above was taken this afternoon where some of the ice were already melting since the temperature is getting warmer and it is suppose to be warmer tomorrow and will be positive next week.