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Wednesday, 8 January 2014


                                                        (Photo not mine)

      We finally found a tv show that we both love to watch, the Mauvais Karma. It's a French teleseries here in Quebec. I been watching this show for a while until hubby watched once and I'm glad that he loves this show, and now we can watch this together every night. We're done the saison 1 and just finish the episode 2 of the saison 2. We're both looking forward to see every episode, 3 or 4 episode per night.

     I'm thinking of buying a DVD of the whole saison for it's cheaper than buying from iTunes . I paid $19.99 for each saison, 1and 2. If I can find the DVD on sale, for sure I will buy the complete saison. I will shop for it. 

     For now, we will continue watching the episode 3 :-)