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Friday, 24 January 2014


Oh yeah! It's friday night means it's flyday :-) Another week just gone and another new week is coming. I did a lot this week at work and at home. I work full time (means, I didn't cut my hours and I use to do if I feel bored at work ) and we did a big  job in the basement, in the laundry area and we did a new storage. It's not yet 100% finish but  it's only 10% of work to do. I'm proud of my husband's work in the basement. He did 90% alone and 10% of my help. 

He did a break today. He went to visit a friend and we been to the mall after my work. We shop for more equipment for my photography studio. I'm looking forward to have my first client hopefully earlier of next month.

We will just forget the works this weekend and just enjoy.