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Saturday, 4 January 2014


(our furnace that broke this morning)

Our 20 years old furnace just gave up this morning. We were still sleeping when we heard a very loud "bang". Hubby ran right away to the basement and check the furnace and that's what he found, a tube was broken. We are so lucky that we were here when it happen or else we will have a fire in the house. We have bi-energer heating system and because we have a very cold weather just now, it's the oil heating that is working. So hubby turn off the heating system right away before an accident happen. He called the company for the furnace and they came 1 hour after. The house was already cold and I just stayed in the bed until the guy came and switch to the electric heater. 

We are using the electric heater just now until wednesday. We will have to change a brand new furnace and we will be in peace for at least another 20 years. It will cost $3,000 plus for the new furnace and the manpower. It's quite expensive but we will be safe.