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Saturday, 28 March 2009


Yes, I'm still alive and kicking but too busy with other things. I'm really sorry guys for not updating this blog. And to those who visited me, thank you so much. I really appreciate it.

Hubby and I were away for 2 days. We been to the chalet and we been going around with the snow mobile to end up the winter. We had a great time in the chalet and the weather was very nice on that time. Everytime we're in the chalet, I can use my computer because there's no electricity there. There is generator, solar charger battery and wind power charger (a little windmill..I don't know exactly the term in english) but I don't want to plug my laptop there because there is no use, there's no internet signal over there hehehehhe. So, there's no need to bring my laptop. And when we came back home, we have a live-in visitor that until now, they are still here. They will be back to their place maybe tomorrow night or Monday the latest. This is the reason why I was not able to update my blog. I'm so sorry again and thanks to those who keep on visiting here..really appreciated :-)