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Wednesday, 1 April 2009


Hubby and I are still trying to have a baby. It’s been five years now that we were waiting to have a baby. On the first year of being together, we just didn’t mind it. We wanted to enjoy that year as a husband and wife, not as a parents. But if it happen that I got pregnant on that time, then it’s a blessing. But the years after, we didn’t see any sign of having a baby. I was a little worried because my menstruation is not regular. So I went to my doctor and he recommends me to go to the obgyn and it was a woman. She gave me a treatment to have my menstruation back to normal. The treatment takes a while and until now, we are still waiting to have a baby.

But just lately, I kept on thinking on what would be the possible thing that could happen if I will get pregnant at my age now. My friend told me that I will suffer the morning sickness more than the younger women who get pregnant. I was a little bit scared about what she said but hubby didn’t believe her. He told me that we will search in the net about pregnancy. And finally, we found all the answers of my questions at They have all the information about pregnancy. They give tips on how to get rid of morning sickness and the best position in sleeping at night. Oh my! I just know that pregnant women should sleep facing on the left side. I will have a problem on this because I always sleep facing down. I can’t sleep on my back and sides. I’m so happy that we found health guru because we learned a lot of things and information about pregnancy.



lud,  4 April 2009 at 06:05  

gag ang mrning sckness dependi ra na sa tawo naa oban 40+ wala sila ana, naay 16yrs old nag morning sckness, piro karon naa na tambal ana pag magka morning scknes ka nag take ko ana. karon na nag plan ka og buntis eat og asparagus, red paper, spnich kay maajo na daghang vtamin ani para andam sa baby.daghan kaajo ka og ka searchtan dre internet, adto sa sa perenting magazine naadd2 sab, if pohon mo about na na time ayaw kaajo pag worried bata kapa tpos dre daghang maajong tambal og sgi sab ka og tan-awon saimong dr. pray lang jod gag kame gani 7yrs osa naka baby, mooabot rana ask lang ni lord iya nang ihatag.. pa sya na aning akong mssge dali2x labon 2log c baby hehe
god bless and take care