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Wednesday, 4 March 2009


It’s not only me who wants to lose weight. Hubby is also trying to lose some pounds. When he was working in Seattle, he loses a lot of weight because he only eats vegetables and he don’t have car there. He lives in a studio close to his office. He walked to downtown Seattle every afternoon after his work. He loves to go there and have coffee. Since he came back here, he gains a lot like me. We always eat in the restaurant every weekend. And now he wants to lose weight too. Every morning, he does biking and walks every afternoon. I think his doing a good job in his exercise because he loss 3 lbs in three weeks. I’m so happy for him.

I was thinking of giving him a surprise gift. Because he’s doing lots of exercise, I will give him a body building supplement which is really good for him. I’m sure he will like it. I’m so proud of him because he’s doing his best to have a good body for his wife :-)