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Wednesday, 4 March 2009


I remember when I was still in Philippines; I didn’t know how to cook not even a simple one. All I know is to cook rice, fried fish and eggs and the rest, I can’t. My dad told me that I have to learn on how to cook because now that I’m married, it’s my duty to cook for my family especially to my husband since we don’t have kids just now. But I always have a reason so that I can’t cook. I told my dad that I will learn cooking as soon as I will be with my hubby and I will ask my hubby to teach me to cook Canadian foods because I’m afraid that he doesn’t like Pilipino foods. On the first few weeks of my stay here, it’s always my hubby who cooked our meals and it’s so sad to say that I don’t like that much on their foods. I’m still looking for Pilipino foods. And the worst is there is no Pilipino restaurant here in our area. We still have to drive 2 and a half hour to go to the Pilipino restaurant. Oh my! I felt that it is really a need for me to try cooking Pilipino foods. I did a few try and it was successful. I was so happy on that time. Since then, I started to surf recipes in the internet and I invited my hubby’s family for Pilipino dinner at home. They were very amazed on my foods. They love it.

My sister-in-law asked me if I would like to have a Pilipino Restaurant here in our area since there is no Philippine restaurant here. Of course I would love to have one and I’m dreaming of it. I talked to hubby about this and he told me that maybe we can do it when he will retire. I’m so excited to have my own restaurant with my specialty, Pilipino foods. Just now, I’m already thinking of what would be the theme of my future restaurant. It would be an exotic restaurant. There would be lots of plants inside the restaurant and all the furniture would be a bamboo style. I made up this idea when I saw this bamboo (chiavari) side chairs in I really love that chair and it fits to my theme. It is simple and elegant chair. I can’t wait to have my own restaurant.