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Monday, 16 March 2009


Hubby and I are very happy today because we received a call from the company where we applied my sister for work here. The Human Resources called this afternoon telling us that they received the confirmation from Canada Immigration that they are qualified to hire my sister. We are so excited about this because we can feel now that my sister will be here soon. She will be working in a tomato green house, the biggest tomato green house here in Quebec Province. We already have the papers from the immigrations that my sister needs to fill up and sign. Good thing that my friend will fly to Philippines next week and be back here April 13. In this way, the papers will be in a safe hand and my sister will receive it quickly and we will have it in April 15 and this will save us the processing time.

I am so excited to have my sister here with me. Hubby is so excited too and you know what? He called my sister 3:00 this afternoon. My sister was wondering who called her in the middle of the night. It was still 3:00 in the morning of her time. Hubby forgot that we have 12 hours difference. He really feels sorry but happy at the same time.

Hubby is thinking of buying a van so that when my sister will arrive, we can travel with our van together. I told him that we don’t need to buy a van because our Honda CRV is enough to travel even if my sister will go with us. But he said the he really wants to have a comfortable trip. It’s up to him; anyway, he will be the one to pay for that. And he already found very affordable van insurance at Autonet Insurance. When he looks at it, he found out that they have very good services in a very affordable price. Well, this is it. I guess he will buy the van before my sister will arrive.