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Friday, 21 September 2012


I finished 3:00 pm at work. I was suppose to clean the house before coming here at Startbucks but I changed my mind. Friend is suppose to come tomorrow but we rescheduled the visit to next week. So I went to the mall for window shopping and thanks God I didn't spend any cents tonight :-) I tried few stuff but I didn't buy it because it's simply I don't like it or I don't need it. Thanks to the husband for always reminding me not to spend money to things that I don't need. 

I want to enjoy my weekend alone "ME TIME" because next week will be a long day for me at work. I did 40 hours per week before until another employee came. He work broken hours and he needs to have more hours to support himself. He's a good worker and a nice guy. Since he needs more money than me, I gave to him some of my hours, from 40 down to 33 hours. I work full time from Monday to Wednesday and until 3:00 pm only during thursday and friday. In that way, I can always go the mall with hubby. We really enjoyed it and I like it too. I have more time with my husband and enjoy the summer. 

Starting Monday next week, I will be working fulltime, maybe overtime. It's good for money but I will have less time at home. Maybe it will be good for me too since I'm alone, I will not feel lonesome. I will see.

Just now, I will just enjoy myself. I don't have lots to clean at home. I will do it tomorrow morning and then i will watch movies in the weekend :-)



NovaS 23 September 2012 at 13:17  

that's good to hear, spend your money wisely, for there are other things that we could have use that money for....happy sunday