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Wednesday, 12 September 2012


We are enjoying every second of the time we're together. Hubby is doing everything that needs to be done before he will fly to Alberta...the never ending paper works, preparing all the stuff for winter, his personal stuffs and some of my stuffs. He drop me at work every morning this week and pick me up in the afternoon. He cook for me, been for ice cream and watch tv together without computer in my lap :-)

After he pick me up this afternoon, we been shopping for his clothes and mine as well :-) , then he treat me to St-Hubert restaurant for supper. He's been running all day just to finish what's in his "to-do" list. I know he's exhausted but he always have time for me. 

Just now, he has to finish some paper works so I have time to blog.


NovaS 13 September 2012 at 08:46  

oh paperworks they are forever especially when you are going somewhere farther that needs to accomplish some documents to be legalized in a certain place...btw, love the photo...