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Monday, 24 September 2012


Everything went fine today at work. My new colleague works not bad. I can't compare him to his brother that works with me for almost a year. He's only 2 days at work and aside from that, he's only working there temporarily until my boss will find another one. It could be nice if he will stay longer but of course I can understand also why he wanted to work in another place and win 20$ per hour. That's the minimum salary he got in his previous job. Like his brother, he has broken hours too but he lives just across the street so there's no problem with him.

In my side, I'm so sad that I'm no longer a princess at work. I'm like a princess before with my previous colleague and with my boss. I'm working with two man and they both don't want me to do the hardest job. My boss wants me to tell him what to do to help me. Imagine? I have to tell my boss what to do? Hehehe I'm the boss of my boss! But now, everything change, I hope it's only for today or in few days while I'm training the new one. 

For now, I need to rest and be ready for another long day tomorrow.