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Wednesday, 19 September 2012


Hubby's birthday is fast approaching. Everytime I ask him what he wanted for a gift, he always answer "nothing". For him, my present is already a very nice gift. But still I always give him something. I already started to shop for his gift but since he's not here and we don't know if he will be here on his birthday, I stop shopping. I already found some but I don't want to send it to him by mail. I would love to go in Alberta to be with him on his special day but I know it's impossible. One of my co-worker gave his resignation letter today and it means that I will have to work over time until my boss will find somebody to replace him. 

(photo grab from

When I was talking to him this morning, he told me that the weather there is very cold and maybe they will have snow in the weekend. He don't have winter boots there and he's thinking of buying one. Oh oh, he's giving me an idea for his gift :-) I told him to just wait maybe the weather will go up since we're still in mid-september.

I've search in the net for winter boots that I can order and deliver directly to where he is. I found the one that I like (the photo above) and i know that hubby will love it. A nice boots from Clarks shoes. It's a leather boots and it's warm enough for the winter, from his condo to the office. I guess it's perfect. I like the style, it's elegant. I will order this soon so that he will have this on or before his birthday. I'm so excited now.