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Tuesday, 25 November 2008


I just finished talking to my mom in the telephone. They are in CDO just now in the hospital where my grandmother (the sister of my grandfather in my mom's side) is confine. She has a heart problem. Mom told me that there's water in her hearth and she is very weak now. I was not able to talk to her. They said that she will not take long. Though she's already 89 years old but still I feel sad if she will leave us. She don't have family other than us because she's still single. I will be visiting them in june next year and I'm still hoping to see her in my vacation. I'm always praying for her and I'm begging you to say a little prayer for my grandmother.


Lily 28 November 2008 at 15:09  

Praying for your grandma's health. hope na unta mo balik pa iyang kalagsik. kay aron magkita pa mo niya puhon sa inyong bakasyon.

Ni agi nimo dinhe suroy suroy kadali before matulog.

Happy week-end, and happy winter din sa imoha :-)