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Wednesday, 5 November 2008


Hi everyone! Today is a big day for me. I started my French refreshment today. This is only once a week and I choose Wednesday. That means I'm not available every Wednesday. I took the full day course. Each one of us has one professor. My professor is very nice and she taught me very well especially in my pronunciation. My only problem in French is only my pronunciation. Grammar is quite difficult but I’m doing well with it. We are working very hard in my verbal communication.
Everything is free in this course. We have free snack during our break. Juice, water, cookies, chocolate bars, snack bars and more are all free. I’m so happy that someone introduces me in this course. This will help me a lot in my French language and I can practice more with them.
After my course, I walk to home because the weather is very nice. We have warm sunny day this week. We are very lucky because some places here in Quebec already have snow and quite cold.
That’s all for today and tomorrow, we will start sanding the floor and I think we will go out. We will go to the park and take a walk while the weather is still nice.