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Thursday, 6 November 2008


This morning hubby started to sand the floor in the living room and put one coat of varnish in the part where the wall was before. The varnish is not yet dry so we have to wait until it gets dry and we will put the second coat. After the second coat will be done, we will have to varnish all over the floor. I still don’t know when we finish this work. I’m really looking forward now to put my Christmas decor.

After the living room, we have to put the ceramic in the stairway but just in the bottom close to the basement. We didn’t finish it last summer because hubby was assigned in Edmonton. It’s not really that bad but its better if we will finish it before Christmas.

I feel pity to hubby because he’s complaining about his knee. He’s working a lot with his knee and it is getting painful now. I’m thinking to buy him tactical pants that I saw online. They have a big sale just now and I guess I will buy one for him.