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Tuesday, 4 November 2008


It’s been almost two years now that I got my driver’s licence and still I don’t have my own car. Having two cars here are so expensive in the maintenance and insurance especially if only one is working. I’m not working so we decided to have only one car for the two of us. I drop hubby at work and I will keep the car for me. But now, I started looking for work and I already pass my Curriculum Vitae and I’m just waiting for their call. But last week, I found a good opportunity for me to practice my French. There is a religious organization in our place that conducts a French lesson for free. As you all know, I already finished my French language class but I don’t have enough practice because until now we talk English in the house. So, I took one day of French course and 3 days work. So I decided to buy my own car because hubby will need his car for work.

I want to buy my car with my own money but since I don’t have enough money for now, I’m looking for car loan. I found a best car loan online. I said it is best because they offer low and extremely competitive interest rate which is a big help to people who really need a car. And not only that, they also have Bad Credit Car Loans that provide car financing and opportunity for you to rebuild your shaky credit while driving your new or used car.

I'm so excited now to have my own car and thanks to Basic Car Loan.