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Monday, 10 November 2008


We're finally done in our living room. The painting is done, the varnish for the floor is done and the furniture is already there. The television will be deliver this friday. We purchased it last saturday but hubby wants it to be deliver this friday because he was afraid we were not able to finish the varnish and he still have to relocate the cable outlet. I don't mind to have the television on friday, what I want now is to put my christmas decor. I already put some this afternoon and I will continue tomorrow morning...oppssssss tomorrow morning, we will go to the laundry shop because our washing machine is broken. We have a big load of dirty cloths to be wash tomorrow. So I will finish my christmas decor tomorrow afternoon.

I'm so happy with our living room. The dining room is already clean now. What's left to do is the cupboard and the computer room. There are still lots of dust in the computer room and the papers are all upside down he he he. But this is not a big work. We can do it in just an hour.



NovaS 14 November 2008 at 14:09  

as for your comment: i am glad that you like the sisterhood tagged i passed on you...