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Friday, 14 November 2008


Yes, I am so lonely today. Hubby left for Montreal this morning 5:00. He thought that he can be home at night but he just call me telling that the job is not yet finish and he needs to sleep there tonight and be home tomorrow afternoon. I feel bad because I'm not expecting that he will not be home tonight. It's so dull here in the house. I have nothing to do now. I did some lumpiang shanghai this morning because I have 60 dozen order again for Christmas. I finished putting some stuff in the living room. I wanted to do my christmas tree but I want to change the design this year and I need to buy some stuff but I don't have a car. Hubby got the car. I'm stuck with my christmas decoration. Anyway, I will just spend my time in my laptop because I miss it already. It's been long that I didn't spend much time in my baby lappy. Well, I will just visit you guys in your blogs.