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Wednesday, 20 August 2008


Last Sunday, I went to the mall with the car. I did a reverse parking and suddenly, i feel a severe pain in my left wrest. It was so painful that I almost lost control of the steering wheel. Good that I was able to brake quickly or else, i will have accident with the other car. I drove back home with tears in my eyes. I was crying because of the pain and also crying thinking that nobody could help me. It was the day that hubby left for Alberta. I never thought of putting ice in my wrest as a first aid. I just put a wrest supporter. I felt better after I put the supporter because my wrest will not move. Yesterday, I went back to the mall to check a bag for my new laptop. I been almost all the store but I was not able to find the one that will fit a 17" laptop. The last store that I've been was at Bently. There was a bag that looks like big to me. I've check it and then I did a bad move in my wrest and I forgot to put the supporter. I cried infront of the saleslady he he he. It was really painful. I was really mad because I was not able to buy the bag and I had pain in my wrest. I was thinking to go to the hospital but I didn't because I thought this will be okey after I will put the supporter. And thinking that I'm alone, it scares me to go to the hospital especially that it's only few of the stuff that can speak english. I speak and understand french but not enough for the medical term.

I was installing my laptop in my bed when I felt a severe pain again. I called my husband and after our conversation, I decided to go to the hospital. It was 11:25pm when I went out the house. Of course, I feel afraid of going out in the middle of the night alone. Good that the hospital is just a few block away from home. When I arrived in the hospital, there was no parking so I have to park in the little street. I was really afraid and I run to go to the hospital hehhehe. I finished 1:15 am. And until now, I'm still wide awake.

I'm so happy that it's only a sprain.


Anonymous,  20 August 2008 at 06:21  

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