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Friday, 8 August 2008


1. Do you like to celebrate your birthday, or is it just another day?
* When I was still a kid, my mother always do something for my birthday until I was a teenager. Now, that I'm married, we always celebrate it and it's a double celebration because my birthday is our wedding anniversary.
2. What are five things you would like to get for your next birthday?
* A car
* A roundtrip ticket to Philippines
* Ipod touch
* Programmable Bread Maker
* DVD Collection of Gilmore Girls
3. It is your birthday and money and reality have no bearing! What is your IDEAL day?
* Have fun time with hubby, family and friends
4. What is the best birthday memory you have?
28th birthday because it's our wedding day:-)
5. Are you doing anything special for your next birthday?
I'm not planning ahead of time. It's always hubby plan it and it's always a surprise :-)