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Tuesday, 19 August 2008


I finally got my new laptop. Actually, hubby bought this last August 8,'08. But his son had it because he will be the one to install all the software that I will need. He did all the back-up and his working at the same time in the university so it take a week before I got it. I'm so happy last night because I finally have my baby GAPPY :-) (this is my baby for now and I named it GAPPY he he he). My old lappy was HP but it's 15.4 inches. I had it for 3 years. Because it was getting old and I had problems if I use Photoshop because the memory was only 1 gig. Last May, hubby gave me $800 as a gift. I was thinking of buying IPOD touch but I didn't make up my mind. Until I decided to buy a new laptop but my money is not enough. The one I like worth 2000$ plus. I need to save money to have it. I did a lot of LUMPIANG SHANGHAI and put the money aside. One day, hubby give me a deal. He will add an amount to my $800 enough to buy a good laptop and he will use the old one. Of course, it's a great deal, eh. I said YES right away and we bought GAPPY:-) without touching my savings.

Click here to see the description of GAPPY.