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Friday, 22 August 2008


Guy, I'm sorry again that I didn't updated my site for few days. I remember that I mention in my previous post that we might stay in Edmonton, Alberta for a few weeks because of hubby's work. Last week, hubby's boss call him to inform that hubby will work in Edmonton for 40 days. It was an urgent so hubby flew to Edmonton Sunday Aug. 17 early in the morning. We don't have much time left and we still have lots of works to do and places to visit before he will leave. He left with some works that is not yet done. I have to do all of it before I will leave. So, instead of spending time with Gappy, I spent all my time working in the house. Preparing everything...cutting the grass, taking some weeds in my flower garden and looking for somebody to look after the mail and to water the plans. I felt so stress on that time. I left Quebec Thursday aug 21 in the afternoon and arrived here in Edmonton the same day at night. I was so happy seeing my hubby waiting me at the lugage pick-up. And not only that, there was a very special thing that happen at the night at the airport. I finally met my online friend Rhemy. And the good thing is she lives just close to the hotel where we stay. This morning, they visited me here in the hotel and we went to WEST EDMONTON MALL. We don't have much time there because she still have to work at 3:00pm. But she will be here tomorrow and tuesday next week, we will spend the day at WEST EDMONTON MALL.

I will share to you the photo in my next post..

I have to go now