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Thursday, 14 August 2008


We are so lucky today. As I said in my previous entry that we might not go to the Expo Quebec because of the weather. The forecast was rain but this morning when we got up, the weather was so nice. So we just took a risk going to Expo Quebec. Everything went fine. There was no rain at all. We enjoy the day but too bad, I was not able to charge the battery of my camera last night because we really don't have plan to go to expo because of the weather. I didn't know that the battery of my camera is almost empty. Hubby didn't bring his camera because his afraid of the rain. So I used mine but we only took a few picture because it's already empty. But I have enough picture to make one DVD slideshow. I will post the rest of the photo tomorrow because it's already midnight now he he he. We came back home 10:00 pm and I watched IISA PA LAMANG, MY GIRL, and AKO SI KIM SAMSOON. And I finished watching almost midnight. I'm not yet sleepy but I have to go bed now because we need to wake up early tomorrow morning. Hubby and my sister will have a chat at 7:00 in the morning.

So, I have to sleep now guys...HAVE A NICE DAY TO ALL!!!!!!!!