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Saturday, 14 May 2011


One of the things I miss in our basement is watching movies. That place serves as my entertainment room. I spent most of my time with my friends there. We did karaoke, watch movie or just simply having a girl talks. But since we are doing the renovation just now, I stop watching movies and karaoke. We can do it here in the living room since we have a big TV and a home theatre but I don’t want to disturb hubby if he’s watching games or news. The basement is almost done. Hubby is working in the floor just now and it will be finish today but I don’t think the TV and home theatre will be install next week. We still have to buy a new LCD TV and we are thinking of doing the TV furniture by ourselves. That means, I can’t watch movie before 3 weeks.

I heard a lot about Netflix Online DVD. Then I told myself, why not try this since I have a big screen computer in our computer room. In that way, I can’t disturb hubby if he’s watching his favourite game. I tried it last night and oh boy, it really works. I’m still using their 1 month trials and I’m pretty sure that I will subscribe Netflix because it’s very affordable and they have all the movies that I want and TV program as well. I don’t need to drive to the DVD rental store. Netflix online DVD is really the best.