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Thursday, 26 May 2011


I know, I was so silent for few days it's not because I feel lazy to blog but we had so busy week since last weekend until yesterday. My friend was with us at home last weekend and she help me cleaning my flower garden. It was so nice last weekend so we decided to work outside. It feels so great wearing my short pants for the first time this year.

I was cleaning my tulips garden. The strong wind damage my tulips. 50% of them fall so I took the flowers and put it in my flower vase. There were lots of dandelion too so we tried to take them out. As usual, I'm so afraid of the earthworm and I didn't know that my friend is worst than me. We tried to ignore them just to finish our work but we didn't succeed. We were so afraid and we decided to stop. Hubby drove us to the ice cream bar. It's not were I use to go but it was good. The ambience is so nice and they have wifi that give them a plus factor :-)

The next day was raining so we stayed home still with my friend. We did some cleaning in the basement and we cook and cook and eat and eat :-)

After she left, I started transferring all the stuff that were in our living room and dining room that goes to the basement. We were so disappointed that the electrician cancelled his appointment 2 times. Electricity in the basement is not yet done but the heater is already installed and working.

Just now, we're here in Montreal for a visit. We will stay here for 5 days. It was raining so hard in our way here. Hubby drove halfway and I drove halfway too. The rain poured so hard when I drove the highway. I started to panic because I see nothing in the road but hubby kept on encouraging me. The rain slowed down after 1 hour until we arrived here. I hope we will have a nice weather in our stay here so that I can get nice photo.

Have a nice day to all ..and more updates next time :-)


NovaS 27 May 2011 at 08:17  

thanks for sharing and love your tulips garden...