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Friday, 6 May 2011


I mentioned yesterday about the wall fountain that we will install in the basement. We already found the one we want and hubby’s cousin saw it. They are also renovating their basement and she wanted to have one too but her husband is not sure about it. Their basement is much smaller than what we have and they put a big fireplace that takes most of the space in the basement. Since she really wanted it, her husband suggested to have one but it will be in their living room. I guess it’s a good idea because they stay in the living room most of the time.

The couple know nothing about computer; they ask me to find indoor water fountains for them. I started looking at it last night and I found one that will fit to their living room and the price is very affordable. I showed it to them this morning and they both like it. They told me that they will buy it as soon as possible.